Mission Statement

LegendBorne defines legacy as leaving behind an example of servitude and excellence. We are driven to provide elite custom lifestyle and sports gear. We are inspired by those that serve and are dedicated to giving back to the community through charitable donations and strategic partnerships.

LegendBorne Story

The inspiration for LegendBorne began with our Founder, David Bryant, an Indiana University rugby alumni and international level referee, and currently activated Major in the U.S. Army. David saw the need to outfit an ever-growing rugby community with high quality gear that not only stood the test of time but also represented the diversity of the community with vibrant design and creative customization. Through trial and error as well as brutal stress tests, LegendBorne's first line of rugby gear was polished and sharp while being able to ruck right over the best of them.

LegendBorne expanded when David overheard one of his Soldiers talking about something that sounded quite intriguing - a "mud race." This conversation led to many others as David began to learn about an up-and-coming sport known as Obstacle Course Racing (OCR for short).

What he discovered was that OCR was a quickly growing sport full of passionate, inspired Soldiers and civilians alike. However, the gear that they were using at the time was simply not up to the tough task presented by the creative and challenging obstacle race courses popping up all over the United States and abroad.

With this in mind, LegendBorne started a rigorous process of engineering the right materials and garment styles to provide OCR runners with training and race gear that would stand the test of time. Our next step was to hire top designers to ensure we offered unique, custom designs to all athletes allowing the gear to be as stylish as it is robust. Since then, LegendBorne has established itself as the leader in sublimated OCR apparel as well as other sports and applications. We challenge you to find better attire that stands up to barbed wire crawls, slippery walls, mud holes, fire pits, and the rest! This high testing standard means that we meet the needs of any and all situations with hand-crafted, innovative designs and compelling garment styles that will force you to make more closet space.

We are proud to be a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business. We define our legacy by the positive impact we make on our communities through dedicated acts of servitude and honoring those that came before us.

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